Which colleges should I apply? and Chances at Cornell ED or JHU ED?

<p>gpa (im not sure but it's definately higher than 3.9/4.0)</p>

<p>sat 1
reading 620/ math 770/ writing 750 (essay 12) = total 2140
i know i have to raise my cr score. so far, i took two sat 1s and these are my highest combined scores.</p>

math 2c 770/ chem 770/ bio 760/ korean 800</p>

founder and president of red cross club at school
mission trip to india
community service hours 200+
local orchestra
elected mun chair
selected orchestra member for first flute</p>

<p>i haven't done any sports and haven't got any awards...
im planning to do some new ecs during summer</p>

<p>class rigor?
im an ib diploma student with chem hl and bio hl</p>

<p>if i get cr around 700, then is there a chance for cornell (ed) or johnshopkins (ed) for biology? im thinking about nyu-7yrdental too
oh and im us citizen but ethnically asian, going to international school in asia
is the chance still high for me cuz im us citizen?</p>

<p>and can you guys recommend me some colleges to apply? i have no idea what schools are safeties and what schools are matches...</p>

<p>BME at Hopkins and Cornell are very hard programs to get in to. Your SATs are definitely on the low side, and your ECs don't seem particularly strong. For both of these schools, ED or not, your chances of admission are going to be pretty low.</p>

<p>what if im not applying for bme? im going for biochem
my practice cr score is around high600 and low700 and im definitely planning on doing some research work this summer</p>

<p>Can you take the SATI again and still apply ED to Cornell? The next test date is like October 10/11 meaning you would get your scores on the 29th or 30th of October and the ED deadline is Nov. 1st. I do not know if you will be able to take the SATI in time for ED at Cornell. Can anyone elaborate on this? What about SATIIs?</p>

<p>im done with sat2s and im planning to retake sat1 in october hoping to get above 2250?maybe
EDs allow october test scores but november test scores are not guaranteed</p>