which colleges should i apply for?

<p>i really want to go into chem engineering or engineering in general, and here is what i have so far as an incoming senior
27 act composite ( 35math, 29 science, 26eng, 16 read :( ,11 writing)
5 ap classes and tests( score of 5 in bio,chem,euro, us; score of 4 in stats), taking 4 more this yr
enrolment into honors mentor connection
gpa 3.973 uw
class rank top 5%</p>

<p>retaking act, and taking 2 sat 2s beginning of this yr
extra cricular:
captain of robotics team 3 yrs, head of electrical department 3yrs, team driver 3 yrs.
track 1yr: varsity, athlete of the meet
soccer 1yr: most improved player
swimming 1yr
member of NHS 2 yrs
top tutor for after school learning center</p>

american legion school award
academic letter and high honor role all 3 yrs
french honor society</p>

<p>and theres a few more....</p>

<p>and whats my chance of gettin in at berkeley? as an out of state undergrad?
so with these things which engineering school will take me in? and whats my chance of getting into top notch colleges like mit and stanford?</p>

<p>Your chances of MIT and Stanford are slim to none. Sorry. Your EC's just don't seem to show enough focus, besides the robotics stuff. You'll have a shot at Berkeley if you boost that ACT to 30 or more.</p>

<p>Or try the SAT.</p>

<p>Your ACT is low for MIT/Stanford, and you would need spectacular EC's to compensate for that. You have a good shot at Berkeley (look into UCSD, it has a great engineering program) because they really like OOS kids who can pay full tuition, and you have a good GPA, but you may want to retake ACT to get a higher composite. Your chances at a smaller, lesser known engineering schools or programs is alright as long as you work on your English and Reading for ACT. Look at: Olin, Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, Rensselear, RPI, WPI, Harvey Mudd (my personal favorite, quite diffiult admissions though), IIT, Cal-Poly SLO, Cooper Union (difficult as well).</p>

<p>so should i even take the sat 2 subject tests anymore then? theres no point to do it if it wasnt for stanford and mit and high up schools</p>

<p>and what about immigrant status? would that help that i havent been in the us for my life? i have only been here for like 6 yrs...</p>

<p>If you can raise your ACT or get a good SAT, you should take subject tests to apply to schools there. And submitting good subject test scores at schools that don't require them will also be helpful. They are sometimes used for placement, so why not take them? And I'm not sure about the immigration status.</p>