Which colleges should I apply to...

Projected Major: Aerospace Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Mathematics (Depending on the school)
SAT: 1320 660 M 660 R
(I will take it again in Aug and in Oct hopefully 1400+)
GPA: 3.9UW 4.14W
Freshman: 0 AP 3 Honors
Sophomore: 1 AP 3 Honors
Junior: 4 AP 1 Honors
Senior: 7 AP 0 Honors
Deca (Member 2 years, Math testing and field trip)
FBLA (Member 1 year)
Choir/Drama (Concerts, School play, Sixflags Competition)
Cookie Dough Fundraiser (Raised $500)
AP Scholar
Science Student of the Month
Award for mathematics achievement
First Gen
Parents income below $30,000
I’m a Georgia rising senior. I am looking at staying in state for $$$; however, if I can receive significant financial aid/grants I would consider those options as well. Any advice on some schools to apply to that match my stats and I can go to for under $10,000 per year? Thanks college confidential users!

Check out U Alabama Huntsville.

I’ll have to give it a look! I was going to go to Alabama to tour Auburn, but I’ll for sure have to go check out UAlabama as well.