Which colleges should I apply to?

<p>I am a 89 average (3.4 GPA I believe) student in one of the best (in the top 5) High schools in NY. It was ranked 2nd best in NYC just last year and its a VERY competetive school with a rigorous curriculum with lots of College level courses and Engineering courses. I got 1890 on my SAT with a 590 in math so I took it again and Im sure this time around I got around 650 and above. I have done many internships and programs outside of school, participated in many clubs and have done community service in various institutions. I'm interested in Engineering be it Pure or Management (The business side) and I'm also interested in pure Business. </p>

<p>Which schools should I be applying to? Priority in Canada! US ok if Tuition is below 20k. I'm a Canadian citizen so its EXTREMELY expensive for me to study in US and VERY cheap in Canada.</p>

<p>So, what are your thoughts on which schools I should be applying to?</p>