which colleges should I go to major in nursing? READ PLEASE

<p>my gpa is 3.8 and I got 1850 on sat.
I have taken or am currently taking 5 ap classes.
i have worked at autism association for about 2 years. (200 hours)
I was the team captain of american cancer society.
And 2 club officer positions
I am an internaitonal student. It's been 4 years since I came to America.
I really want to major in nursing because I love to interact with people.
While I was working at autism association, I realized my passion for helping others.
Are there any colleges that I have good chances of getting into?
HELP please (:</p>

<p>Are finances an issue for you? I assume you are aware that very very few US colleges provide need based financial aid to international students.</p>

<p>One option would be to study for 2 years in your own country and use that time to save money, take all of the prerequisite courses and refine your English. Then you can transfer to a US program that is designed for students entering in their junior year. An example of one is Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. </p>

<p>Philadelphia is a great city for someone who wants to see the east coast - because it is linked by rail lines and cheap bus service to DC, Baltimore, NYC, Boston, etc. It also has a much lower cost of living than DC, NYC or Boston.</p>