Which Colleges use Freshman grades for GPA calculation

<p>Anyone know which top colleges/universities use high school freshman GPA as part of their GPA calculation, and which do not?</p>

<p>wait are you saying some DONT? Good sir, if UIUC doesnt, YOU HAVE JUST MADE MY DAY!</p>

<p>almost all do. Some that don't are:
Some of the California Colleges</p>

<p>Besides the UCs, Stanford, and Princeton, there really isn't any colleges that don't use your freshman GPA? =(</p>

<p>UMich now does because they just look at whats on your transcript instead of recalculating.</p>

<p>Cool, I could get a 4.0 princeton</p>

<p>Does that mean Princeton and Stanford recalculates your GPA according to their scale?</p>

<p>Or do they just take 3 latest years into cumulative GPA?</p>