Which Colleges?

<p>Can anyone plz help me with my college selection
my stats are as follows:
sat 1 verbal: 720 sat 1 math: 800
sat 2 math2c: 790 sat 2 physics: 800 sat 2 writing: 590
sat 2 writing and chemistry re-taken on nov.
my a level results are:
physics-A Chemistry-A math-A
Further mathematics-A General Paper-b
economics-a business studies-b
TOEFL 280 (essay rating 5)
further math, eco and business studies are my self prepared subs.
how much will my low writing score affect my admission?
i am from nepal so will being from a third world country help me get in?
i have applied to dartmouth on ED.
what colleges should i apply to for my RD?
plz help</p>

<p>A bit more about what you are looking for would help. Do you need substantial financial aid or merit scholarships to come to the US? What are you interested in studying? Do you want a large school or do you prefer a smaller or mid-sized school? Do you have any objections to a religiously-affiliated school? Do you have a preference about being in a rural, suburban, or urban area? Any other preferences? What attracted you to Dartmouth in particular? There are over 3500 colleges in the US and your stats certainly make you a competitive candidate, but we need to know more about you and what you are seeking before we can make recommendations.</p>