Which core math class is the easiest?

<p>I need to take one math course for the core requirement. My choices are :
Finite Math
Applied Calculus I
Structures of Comp science
Discrete Structures
Calculus I</p>

<p>So Ive already ruled out any of the calculus courses haha. Ive signed up for Finite Math...but wanted some opinions on what you would take out of these 5 choices if you were really really really bad at math. Lol Thanks!</p>

<p>They also will look at your background and high school transcript and make a determination where you might fit in the best. They wont put you in a class that is above your paygrade. </p>

<p>If math is not your thing, fear not, just do your homework, study like mad and you will be fine. Finish the class, aim for an A, and be done with it. Been there, done that with D1. She got her A and never looked at another math book again.</p>

<p>If you know that you'll never need to take Calculus, then take Finite Math. It is a basic math class that you might be more familiar with. If you're at the LC campus, I strongly recommend Kintos. He always teahes this class and it's not that he's super easy but he is so detailed in explanations and really cares about the students.</p>


<p>Is the computer science easy? Or should I just stick with finite</p>

<p>i've heard really bad things about computer science, at LC at least, so i would avoid taking that if you don't want to really do computer science in your life (which i'm assuming you don't).</p>

<p>i was super bad at math in high school (like, didn't even go on to trig bad) and i did fine in finite. it's a lot of probability, and basic reasoning, which wasn't even very math-y. and i've heard good things about a lot of the professors that teach it, minus panizzo (or something like that) at LC. i had him for about a week, and switched sections. but my other professor was very good... it was padoissous or something. definitely stick with finite.</p>

<p>@ramfan: thanks ill deff stay in finite then. My instructor is still yet to be announced but ill keep an eye out for who it will be.</p>