Which course load looks most appealing to top tech schools?

<p>I need to take the following:
AP Lit
AP Gov

<p>I have room for 4 more classes since I have 7 period
The next 4 I need to choose from the following:</p>

<p>AP Stats (Good rec)
AP Comp Sci (Possible good rec)
AP Biology (This is 2 periods!! I will have to give up one other class to take this.)
AP Music Theory or AP Studio Art
Senior Leadership Council
Peer College Counsel </p>

<p>I'd like to take 5 or 6 AP classes since I took 4 this year but I also like the non AP activities. Help!</p>

<p>Have you already taken Calc BC and Physics C? Those should be on your list if you want to study technology.</p>

<p>I have taken them both, yes</p>

<p>I’d take AP stats or AP Comp Sci (probably the latter), plus AP Music theory (or studio art) to distinguish yourself from most other applicants’ records. Then whichever activity you’re most passionate about and either the other AP from above or the other activity, depending on the selectivity of the schools you plan on applying to and whether your counselor would consider 4 APs “the most challenging curriculum available”. Ask him/her. If the anser’s yes, you’re good to go with 4 APs.</p>

<p>AP Stat
AP Comp Sci
AP art or music
leadership counsel</p>

<p>Is there a way to take multivariable calculus or linear algebra at a local college. You should not be without math. </p>

AP Biology
AP Compsci - not really a terrific substitute for actual math.
Senior Leadership Council or Peer College Counsel</p>

<p>AP Biology is really really hard.
AP CompSci is a 1 semester difficult college course spread out over a year. It’s really not bad and quite useful. </p>

<p>AP Stats is a 1 semester easy college course spread out over a year to make it ridiculously easy. It’s ideal for someone who never intends to take math again. I wouldn’t recommend that a math/science person take it. Take a more rigorous version in college after you’ve had more math.</p>