Which courses to Phase I?!


<p>Econ 1
Nutri Sci 10
German R5A
Stat 20</p>

<p>Which courses should I phase I?</p>


<p>German r5a and econ 1 go quickly, not sure about the rest</p>

<p>Nutri Sci is definitely Phase II. Most math classes are Phase II too.</p>

<p>you must be pre-haas.</p>

<p>Take UGBA during 2nd year Fall.
Econ 1 and German should be phase 1.
No need to rush on stats.
I took stats after I got in to the program.</p>


<p>Should I Phase I Physics 7A or Math1B...</p>

<p>@nathanindo: Physics 7A should be your priority, since I hear there isn't a waitlist for this class. Math 1B will still have plenty of space during phase 2.</p>