Which courses to take?

Should I take ENC1101, MAC1105, and STA2023 at once in the same semester? I am a dual enrollment student.
Please give thoughts, thank you.

We don’t know what those letters and numbers mean.

You need to give the course name, and possibly the place where you would be taking them. What other classes will you have at that time?

I have answered that question but my other question is, Is Elementary Statistics 1 college level (STA2023) hard?

Whether a course is “hard” is totally subjective. What’s hard for one student might be a piece of cake for another. It can also depends on the professor teaching the course. If this is a college course, try to look up the course and professor on a site like rate my professor. You’ll get student feedback on what other student’s thought of the course and the instruction.

It really depends on the student’s abilities but some universities publish average grades for each subject, so that should give you an approximate idea