Which direction should I go?

<p>I am currently a sophomore. My school is introducing a new class next year that I am thinking of taking. In the class you become an activist for a cause, and you contact other people and raise money for this cause, etc. I think it would be a very unique class to take, and it could be something that makes me stand out. But, to take this class, I would have to not take an AP class I planned on taking. I originally wanted to do 2 APs as a junior, and 2 as a senior. If I took this new class, then I'd only take 1 AP as a junior, and 3 as a senior. Also, by getting rid of one AP, and taking the new class, I will also be able to take a class that will automatically enroll me into our local DECA chapter (does DECA look good to colleges?). I think that since my grades aren't stellar, taking an extra AP as a junior won't help me as much as this class could help me. I plan on applying ED to my top school.</p>

<p>I can also do the charity class as a senior, and do DECA as a senior, which I think I might do, but idk if that’d be too late.</p>


<p>and disregard my last post, that was stupid, DECA & the charity class wouldn’t matter because I wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot in them before ED.</p>

<p>c’mon ,</p>

<p>Take the class! It sounds unique and I wish my school offered it xP You can mention on your college app that you couldn’t take the AP class due to schedule conflicts.</p>