Which do you think is the easier class Intro to Astronomy or Intro to Earth Science?

I am thinking Earth Science since it touches on various topics, including Astronomy, instead of getting so indepth in just one area.

I’ve taught both, and in general I would say that Earth Science is ‘easier’, mostly because it tends to have fewer topics that involve quantitative analysis. Most Earth Science classes don’t spend a lot of time on Astronomy topics, it is usually Geology, Oceanography, Meteorology and perhaps a little Ecology.

Thank you so much. The good thing is he actually was more interested in that class without knowing which was easier, but we didn’t think the credits would transfer. We knew they did for Astronomy. We have since found out the Earth Science credits do transfer, so that is a win-win. The class he wanted to take and it being easier (and without him knowing that)!

I haven’t taken Astronomy, but I imagine it would depend on the instructor & the text. Whatever you are more interested in.