which dorm?

<p>I'm thinking about living on north side, because i hear it's quieter, which is what i'd like freshman year. Do many freshman do this? I don't want leonard, but what's the difference between McDowell and Hughes? Doesn't one have more sports teams? Would I be the only freshman in those dorms? Thanks!</p>

<p>there are freshman in ALL the dorms (except centennial) and on every floor. I am in Leonard now and really like it, though I'll be in Hughes next year just because that's where my future roommate wanted to stay. I have heard that McDowell has many people who do sports, but there are plenty of people there who don't as well.</p>

<p>thanks!, anyone else?</p>

<p>I just filled out housing and this is where i've decided to live:</p>

<p>1) Letts- because its on the south side, and although i'm not into the "huge" party seen, i like how on the south side things are connected. Of the three halls on south, one i can't get into (becaue i'm going to be a frosh) and i don't want to be in the greek mix.</p>

<p>2) Hughes- On the North side which is fine and the chance of getting in on an all female floor is slim. I stayed in this hall when i went to my AU overnight visit and it seemed like a really nice place to live. </p>

<p>3) McDowell- Its on the north side, which is nice again for the type of person I am. I am sort of into sports (meaning i played like varisity soccer and swim, now i just swim for fun)... well more meaning I like to play sports but i'm not very good. Yet at the same time i met my best friends playing a sport, so i think that i'll have a good time on this floor. </p>


<p>Although its not much, here is a brief description of the dorms:
The AU residence halls are divided into two sections, North & South.</p>

<p>The North Complex includes Hughes, Leonard & McDowell Halls. </p>

<p>Hughes... is known for the strong sense of community and involvement shared by its residents and houses two Honors floors. Hughes has five coed floors, one all-female floor and a computer cluster.</p>

<p>Leonard... is the international/intercultural hall, in which multiculturalism is a primary focus. Leonard has five coed floors, two all-female floors and a computer cluster.</p>

<p>McDowell... houses the North Side Fitness Center. McDowell has five coed floors, two all-female floors and a computer cluster. </p>

<p>The South Complex includes Anderson, Centennial and Letts Halls. </p>

<p>Anderson...housing more students than any other hall, is home to an Honors floor, several Greek Chapter rooms and the South Side Computer lab. All floors in Anderson are coed.</p>

<p>Centennial...is the upper-class hall noted for its semi-private bathrooms. All floors in Centennial are coed.</p>

<p>Letts...the second largest hall, houses the Community Service Floor, an Honors floor, the South Campus Fitness Center and the Game and Recreation Center. Letts has six coed floors and one all-female floor.</p>

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<p>doublelayer009... hey is your name alyssa?</p>

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<p>wow that really is funny. I guess one can really say, "its a small world!" lol. So yeah keep me posted/ updated about where u decided to go to college (I hope u pick AU lol). I'll ttul :)</p>