Which education master's to go for?

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<p>My wife is interested in pursuing a master’s degree. She has a four year degree in a foreign language. Her goal is to teach at the post-secondary or primary school level for a number of years and eventually get into education administration.</p>

<p>My question is this: should she pursue a degree which will help landing a teaching job in the short term or think more long term and pursue a degree in education administration? Does anyone know of a degree which would be considered desirable for both teaching and education administration jobs?</p>

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<p>If she wants to teach for a number of years, she should probably pursue a teaching degree. She may even be able to get a dual degree or a certificate in administration. What kind of administrator does she want to be? Any particular area? I am not sure to what extent administrative experience is required to acquire a position as an education administrator vs. teaching experience, so she may want to look at job postings for such positions and their requirements. Another option would be to see if your area allows for a provisional teaching license so she can get teaching experience for a while and then maybe get a degree in admin afterwards.</p>