Which Engineering Discipline for me?

<p>Hey guys,
I'm a senior now and I've been planning what degree I would like to pursue in college. Engineering has been my focus for much of hs and I feel I have the qualifications to dive into it.
But currently I don't know which type of engineering would suit me. I have seriously looked into civil eng, mech eng, and Chem eng but need some clarity as to which is a best fit.
So here's some stuff about me.
-I like to build things (like blueprint stuff) contraptions those kind of things
-I like physics and calculus (just the whole explaining of how things work)I like some forms of chemistry mainly the math stuff
-I want to join the military (most likely ROTC) and want to get into engineering there
-I'm in my school's robotic team as well</p>

<p>I guess another question would be where the Job outlook is for these disciplines? (civil, chemical, mechanical, computer) </p>

<p>Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Some schools are already calling for me to declare a major. (part. CP SLO)</p>