Which Engineering Major is appropriate for me?

<p>Throughout high school (especially the last two years), I abhorred science. Science was an abomination in my eyes. But, after spending two full days researching about wormholes, alternate dimensions, relativity, watching a plethora of intellectual videos on Youtube (for example - AsapScience and VSauce) and enthralling sci-fi movies (particularly Christoper Nolan), I realize I have developed a predilection towards science.
I now understand why I hated science. The school curriculum, the horrendous CBSE curriculum. It has the ability to take an intriguing subject matter and deteriorate it to mediocrity. CBSE is the worst educational system in the world, but I digress.
So, what kind of Engineering major would be fit for an imaginative and curious soul like me? I don't want a practical field where I have to work with my hands. I'm more interested in theoretical subjects. I thought I was content with Economics and Linguistics, but I'm reconsidering my choice of major again.
Additionally, can you change your major after getting accepted into a university?</p>

<p>Sounds like you are more interested in physics than engineering. However, there are theoretical engineers in just about any area although the problems they work on are more applied than you might find in physics.</p>

<p>More importantly, how can you be sure that two days of reading is a good basis for choice of major? Perhaps you should look into Applied Mathematics in concert with Economics.</p>

<p>Finally, you ask about changing majors. It depends on where you are going to college. If it is in the U.S. then changing majors is certainly permitted as long as the department approves. For universities in other countries it is not necessarily possible or easy.</p>

<p>You sound like you’re into physics and not necessarily engineering. You could check out a physics major or an engineering physics major.</p>

<p>Also, sort of what the above poster said. Physics is hard! Learning physics isn’t all mind boggling awesomeness all the time, sometimes it’s difficult equations and high levels of confusion. Have you ever taken a physics course and been interested in it? It’s awesome that you’re interested in physics, don’t get me wrong!!! But I think you should take some classes or even courses at the college level before you decide to switch. You have to want the academic side, too.</p>

<p>As it turns out, it was a transitory interest. I was watching some fascinating videos about alternate dimensions, time travel, wormhole, relativity etc. when I suddenly made that decision. Besides, I also admire the famous physicist, Richard Feynman. In my childhood, I even wanted to emulate him. I suppose I’ll pursue Physics independently or integrate it with my artistic interests (writing, directing, etc.) like Christopher Nolan, another inspiration of mine.</p>