Which Essay to use for Harvard/Yale???????????????????

<p>I have two essays I am considering using for both of their open ended essays. I am wondering which you all think is more what they are looking for.</p>

<p>One is about an experience when I was refereeing where I stood up a coach and then it changed how I interacted with adults and how I started to question what I knew.</p>

<p>The other is about how AP Physics showed me how Math can be used to predict things on Earth and how this led me to explore Relativity through which I realized that math is the only way to understand that part of the world and finally how I want to use Math to study human behavior through Economics. </p>

<p>My Common App Essay was completely different about my love for pottery and how it provides me an escape and outlet for stress and such. </p>

<p>If you wanted and aren't applying I could also send them to you to read them. </p>

<p>Thank You very much</p>

<p>The first one sounds better but you have to elaborate what you mean with “stood up” since it could mean a wide array of things.</p>

<p>Also for the second one, I just want to point you in a direction (coming from a Math-Physics background myself in HS and am now in Math-Econ-Psych in college), that you won’t be using Math to study human behavior through Economics. Math is merely a tool used in Economics, and if you want the behavioral side, try Econ-Psych (Behavioral Economics) because just Math and Econ won’t get you that.</p>

<p>The coach was yelling at me and I went over and told him he had to be quiet or leave. </p>

<p>And thanks. That does make more sense. I’ll change the essay a bit.</p>

<p>I prefer the first one. it sounds more interesting
i’ve finished my commomapp essay, i’m not going to apply yale, if you dont mind, i’d like to read it.</p>