Which essay topic is best for Brown?

<p>FYI: I posted this in the College Admissions forum hoping to reacher a larger and broader audience, but I am especially interested in the opinions of the people in this forum as Brown is probably my top choice. Please respond with Brown in mind, and what would be most appealling to an admissions officer at Brown.</p>

<p>I have a few topics in mind for my application essays (assuming the prompt is a more general "personal statement", similar to the questions on the common app). </p>

<p>So I am wondering which of the following would be most unique and effective as an admissions essay:</p>

<p>1) Living in the middle of my parent's unimaginably terrible divorce for 6+ years, and how my experieces forced me to mature and helped make me the person I am today.</p>

<p>2)My "spirit to serve"- the pleasure and great personal advancement I find in helping others. Can be supported by my employment in a customer service position at a major US corporation; my experiences over a 3 year period helping my closest friend realize and recover from very serious eating disorders; events from my parent's divorce in which I protected family members at my own sacrafise; community service as a sports coach and leader in my community.</p>

<p>3)Near death experience in a car accident (cause of the accident was left "undetermined" but it was not my fault and it only involved my vehicle) and the guilt, growth, and recovery from it (my girlfriend was the passenger and was injured worse than I was). This was one of the hardest exeriences of my life and despite the trama I recieved the best grades of my high school career that quarter. Since the accident (I am still in recovery) I have become involved in safe driving organizations and done community service related to teen driving. </p>

<p>4)Growing up with 4 sisters.</p>

<p>At the moment I think I am most interested in writing about #3, but I really am unsure.</p>

<p>Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and assist me in my application process.</p>

<p>hmm... 2 and 4 sound typical kind of... i like #3 the most too. good luck!</p>

<p>I don't go to Brown, but number 3 is my favorite and I think it really tells about you as a person.</p>

<p>Thank you both very much for the input. Any other thoughts?</p>

<p>definitely don't do 4. I myself have three younger brothers who assail me all day. I know someone with 5 brothers.</p>

<p>you're right, 2 is kind of cliche.</p>

<p>i'm torn between 1 and 3, although i'm leaning towards 3 a bit more..
I've had a near-death experience as well, although i'm not writing about it :]</p>

<h1>3, probably. I considered writing about something similar to #1 (how growing up with an abusive mother in a hideously dysfunctional family has shaped me as a person) but the issue with something like that is that it could be construed as "too much information" and potentially off-putting. I think #3 could be really powerful, though.</h1>

<p>edited to add: sorry, didn't realize this was such an old thread... :o</p>