Which essays did you do?

<p>....or are you doing for those procrastinators amoung us who haven't finished yet :)</p>

<p>I'm writing the Any topic, About yourself, and 1 Year to do anything.</p>

<p>Did anyone else do the 1 Year, & are you sending the supplement essay as the "What Else"....</p>

<p>I did Any topic, About yourself, and Significant achievement/activities thing. And I also did the "What Else..." I wrote an essay about another activity for that.</p>

<p>Likewise... I feel those topics give you the most freedom</p>

<p>Ditto. We seem to think alike.</p>

<p>Which means we should all get accepted? uh huh uh huh =)</p>

<p>500-Tell us about yourself
250-Year off
250-Any Topic</p>


<p>i'm applying ED and I'm still revising my essays and application</p>

<p>I've spent far too many hours on it.</p>

<p>Essays are difficult for me. I keep rewriting them because I feel like they don't really show who I am and how I think</p>

<p>eggs-actly, zant</p>

<p>EncomiumII, that's not a bad thing. I didn't spend that much time on mine, though I probably should have. For the 250 word ones, I think I spent...half an hour each =/</p>

<p>I'm spending too much time on these. Sigh.</p>

<p>i still havent decided on my last one. </p>

<p>so far, i have
great influence 500
anything 250</p>

<p>i need one more... prob about myself.</p>

<p>I think I'll be doing year off, greatest pursuit and any topic. Don't know what "any topic" will be.</p>

<p>The only one I have done is the optional. God help!</p>

<p>lol it's probably a good thing to do the optional after your official essays. You can probably make the optional work for one of the real ones though, right?</p>

<p>Yeah, will be a 500 one too :p</p>

<p>500 - tell us about urself
250 - travel
250 - greatest satisfaction</p>

<p>optional - talked about an activity/experience that was most meaningful</p>

<p>I used the Common App, so I only had to do two 250 word essays. (Although for the Common App, I also chose the open topic option.) For my Princeton essays, I wrote one any topic and one year off essay.</p>

<p>For those of you that wrote year off, what did you write about? I talked about how I'd use it to go to France and become fluent.</p>

<p>wow , zante, I think i've spent about 6 hours on each of my 250 and about 12 on my 500...yours is probably better than mine though hahaha</p>

<p>Significant person - 250
Greatest satisfaction - 250
Tell us anything - 500 (still working on this one! writers block is settling in and I can't finish it! ahhhh)</p>

<p>me too, phantom</p>