Which Essays Should I Use? (no reading of essays required)

<p>Hi! So I have two problems.
1) Which essay should I use for the main common app essay?
A. a cliche but well-written essay about how I chose by anticipated major
B. An essay, almost in list-like form, of facts about me
C. How my extreme phobia has changed my life for the better (from the heart, but not as well-written)
D. An essay about my experience with the 2005 London bombings. </p>

<p>2)Which essay should I use for my ED college's "additional" essay?
A. List of conversations showcasing the small-mindedness of some people and how I learn from it rather than *****ing them out
B. an hilariously told (if I do say so myself) story about the epic and insane trails of applying to college
^^The first one isn't written as well and I need something funny to offset the other serious stuff in my "additional" section, but it's also contemporary in structure. It's not exactly in essay format, which I'm sure is something the adcoms don't get a lot.</p>

<p>If anyone could throw their 2 cents into this forum I would be eternally grateful! I'll review your essays and answer any questions you may have (can you tell how desperate I am?). Thanks again in advance!</p>

<p>Dont go with the cliche essay. If you are applying to competitive schools</p>

<p>i like C. just rewrite it so it’s not poorly written :slight_smile: it sounds like a very very interesting topic.</p>

<p>as for the second option, go with B. i’ve heard humor in good taste is always a plus.</p>

<p>Ya C is the best choice in my opinion. Even if you write a well-written essay on a cliche, realize that there will be tons of others who can write as well as you considering there will be alot of people writing about it.
B is kind of too general. You are trying to write about a lot of stuff.</p>

<p>Thanks! I think I will choose C.
What should I do from problem number 2? I’m still debating.</p>

<p>p.s. I have no idea why college confidential changed the word chew ing to *****ing. I didn’t write a swear!</p>