Which Etsy vendors/products do you recommend?

<p>I've made a couple of purchases on Etsy in the past year and spent many hours just browsing. Which vendors/products are your favorites? How do you go about exploring such a vast and varied inventory?</p>

<p>Can't really mention a vendor in particular, but have made a few purchases and been really happy. Usually when I have bought something, I have been looking for something in particular so that has helped to narrow the search.</p>

<p>The sellers have been extremely timely and the craftmanship outstanding.</p>

<p>Maddy and me designs - felted stuff - purses, mittens, belts, and now these adorable bowls.mermaid</a> bubbles felted wool bowl by maddy and me by maddyandme and bird nesting kits ecofriendly</a> bridal bird nesting kit by maddyandme on Etsy
I got mittens and a backpack made in her school colors for DD.</p>

<p>I love these shirts for kids. </p>

<p>arton</a> by artoncollection on Etsy</p>

<p>They take student artwork and print it on tee shirts and then donate a portion of the proceeds towards promoting art programs in schools.</p>

<p>I've purchased vintage button bookmarks from AlliesAdornments. Was very happy with the products and service. </p>

<p>I love the way she presents her products on the site with vintage photos. </p>

<p>To navigate the Etsy site, I usually click on Buy, and choose either Pounce (items just sold) or items featured on Editors' Picks, Treasury or Showcase.</p>

<p>Featured Sellers has interesting interviews with the artists - there's always something unique there.</p>

<p>I will make a plug for my sister in law who does fabric art including really cute purses that I have gotten for my mother and aunt (both of whom loved them):</p>

<p>childsPLAYdesign</a> by childsplaydesign on Etsy</p>

<p>Also, a friend who does lovely pottery. I have bought her stuff for MANY gifts, and everyone loves it:</p>

<p>Lindsey</a> Epstein Pottery by Crystallinehorse on Etsy</p>

<p>Wow, I'd never heard of that site. Great idea!</p>

<p>Rats. This site does look incredibly interesting! Now I'm going to spend even more time looking at beautiful, desirable things? Oh nooooooooo!!! ;)</p>

<p>I really like the handcrafted jewelry. It's much more interesting than the mall stores, and frankly, many of the prices are better. While I've only purchased one item so far,
by Allison Kelley designs, it was beautiful, the shipping was quick and my daughter loved it. I will go to Etsy again for jewelry gifts for sure.</p>

<p>My favorite purchase so far (of course I've only made two in total!) was this: Etsy</a> :: Micro- Buck- Small Deer Trophy- Brown I had bought it for DS's 1st apartment but he hung it in his cube at work and it's a real conversation starter.</p>

<p>Has anyone here tried selling on etsy? Am considering it and would love to hear about your experiences!</p>

<p>Since my children are gone from the house (college junior and college grad) I've had lots of time to explore my creative interests. I have been sewing one of a kind dresses- toddler and girl sizes. I opened an "Etsy Store" as a way to market my creations.
ClaudiabethB</a> on Etsy So far I have been pleased.</p>

<p>I've browsed there and found beautiful things, but I find the site very hard to navigate. I'll try some of the tips here.</p>

<p>Alpaca yarn</p>

<p>A young woman I know has been selling tie dye hair ties on Etsy. Her etsy name is ManeMessage. These tied dyed hair ties and headbands are popular in our area of Ca. Her colors and prices are nice. Some people wear the small hair ties on their wrists.</p>

<p>I recently bought some amazing wooden goblets from makye77 on etsy</p>