which examples did you used in the essay for Nov 2O11 sat test

<p>please share your examples for that essay ( i wrote about thomas edison & a personal example for nov essay .. But is that enough to score 8 at least ???</p>

<p>I used Frankenstein and Wikileaks.</p>

<p>Personal experience with helping people clean up the mess caused by flooding from the recent Hurricane Irene, and Mother Teresa.</p>

<p>From what I've observed, as long as you write with a clear format and give some substantiation to your examples you should get an 8 easily. A 10-12 is a lot harder to get though. The examples shouldn't matter, it is how you use the examples that is significant.</p>

<p>how much did everybody write?</p>

<p>My test day isn't here yet,but I will write about richard feynmann and bohr.</p>

<p>mmmmm...that's good i wrote about a page</p>