Which GPA matters the most in decision making process?

Hello everyone,

I applied for a transfer for Fall 2021 recently. By the time when I applied, my GPA was 3.12 which was a couple of weeks ago.
Now, we are done with this Fall semester and my GPA will be going up signaficinalty to probably around 3.3-3.4.
So, I know that I will be submitting these new grades into their system sometime in the next few weeks when they ask and my GPA will be higher on the application.
But which GPA really matters?

When the university admission is making the decision, are they going off of 3.12 or my updated GPA after this Fall semester?


The UC’s use the GPA at time of application even with the TAU requirement in January. The Cal states might do the same but I would contact CPP admissions to confirm.

I asked one of the advisors. He was not sure. I will ask another advisor I guess.