Which GPA should I use?

<p>I'm going to be updating my resume after this semester ends, and I'm unsure about which GPA I should use (or if it matters that much). I have three GPAs:</p>

<p>Overall GPA (Would like to avoid this one if possible)
University GPA (Disregards CC courses)
Major GPA</p>

<p>For the most part my major GPA and my University GPA will be the same (approximately) because I took almost all of my general ed courses at a CC. My overall GPA is horrible (2.98) because I flunked six courses 4 years ago when I attempted CC at age 17. The three consecutive semesters of straight A's after that didn't help much.</p>

<p>Anyway, Idk what my University GPA will be, but I assume it will be decent. Right now I have:</p>

<p>Trig - A
Calc 1 - B
Intro Engineering - A
Engineering Profession - A
Chemistry - B (I think)</p>

<p>Perhaps something like this:</p>


<p>[University name], [start date] to current, expected graduation [expected end date]
[major], GPA through [semester]: [whatever your transcript for that semester says]</p>

<p>[CC name], [start date] to [end date]</p>

<p>Include both gpa of your current uni and past cc</p>

<p>List them all. You probably have space on your resume.</p>

<p>It wouldn’t have made a difference to me as I would always require to see a transcript from a college applicant. I would go thru it to see what the grades were for specific classes and do my own evaluation of the grades. </p>

<p>Grades are important, but not the only thing that gets you a job. You need to be able to communicate and work with other people. You need to show a capacity to continue to learn as there is much to learn on the job.</p>

<p>The boeing reps got really confused by having two different gpa’s on my resume. They told me to just list one, preferably cumulative.</p>

<p>Did you specifically said that you were transfer from a community college and the cc GPA cant really calculate into 4 years university GPA? anyhow, just list GPA where you graduated from because most of the engineer classes from there.</p>



<p>But then it wouldn’t match either school’s reported GPA, which could confuse HR people doing verification of claims on resumes. Anything that easily verifiable should match exactly to avoid any questions.</p>

<p>That was my thought, although it’s easier when your gpa is the same at both schools :-)</p>

<p>That said, since HR seem to be simple folk, I’ll just list what my current school calls “cumulative gpa” from the transcript even though it only represents university cumulative, not multi-school gpa.</p>

<p>That leads to another relevant question. Is it worth listing the CC on the resume at all. Even if you earned an associate’s degree and dean’s list and valedictorian, a) does the stigma of going to a cc outweigh everything and/or b) is not relevant since hr/hiring managers only care about your BS or higher?</p>