Which Grad School is Better?

I want to go to a grad (pharm) school out of my state, but I’m undecided on where to go. I’m considering UW-Madison, UBC, and UMD-Baltimore. What is the best option, regarding social life and safety?

What kind of grad school?

Licensing will be easier if you attend the school in the state where you want to practice.

Apply to all, see where you get in, see what is affordable and then decide.

I am a Big 10 guy (Michigan State undergraduate, Michigan graduate). Everyone I know who went to Wisconsin loved Madison and the campus. Most Big Teners will agree that Madison is one of their favorite campuses to visit.

The crime rate in Baltimore is quite high.

As far as licensing goes, my wife went to pharmacy school at Utah, a very good pharmacy school, and then took both the California and Arizona licensing exams. She ended up practicing in Arizona.

Are you seeking a Doctor of Pharmacy or a Ph.D. in pharmacy?