Which has a better society? Duke or Yale?

I want to pursue nursing whether it be travel nursing, local nursing, or even missionary nursing.

The two schools are just my top two prestigious universities that would be a dream to get into, but I don’t know how they differ when it comes to the society that surrounds them.

I have done some research on the groups and activities that would make one stand out from the other as well as the problem with majors (Yale does not offer a BSN major and Duke does). I found that Yale has a Ballroom Dancing club and they have many, many balls, which is like a dream of mine to attend one. I just don’t think Duke offers that or anything like that.

I know that sports wise Duke is a better option (except when it comes to the Harvard-Yale football game) but i’m not all that big on sports. I am more about academics and I’m also not a party-goer and very Christian. I obviously would go to the Duke sporting events and enjoy them greatly, but I was wondering if Duke or Yale has a Christian community and what it’s like.

I looked into Yale’s Christian community and there are a lot of options. I haven’t done that much into looking into Duke’s religious aspects yet, but that’s why I’m asking.

Duke sounds like the better option because of the Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing major, pricing and climate, but Yale seems like I would have a much better social life!

I have other options for college, these two are just two that I want to know more about before I make a bad financial and career decision. I have options like Asbury University in Wilmore Kentucky which is a Christian private school and has a great nursing program and pricing would be close to the same as Duke.

Thank you to anyone with any information on the social life at Duke and which would be a better suit for me!

It doesn’t sound as though you know a lot about either school which makes me wonder how they made it to the top of your list. Usually, not having the major or pre-professional track you are looking for would be the end of the discussion.

And, Christianity means a lot of different things to different people. Duke, of course, is in the middle of North Carolina, an area known for evangelical churches. It shouldn’t be too hard to find one, if that’s what you are looking for. Yale has a campus-wide Christian worship service every Sunday that might cover a variety of Christian traditions, including a eucharistic ceremony that some could conceivably experience as a Mass.

But, the bottom line is that this may be a premature thread. Wait until you get into both of them first, then decide.


For nursing, you need to go with the cheapest, direct entry into the nursing program option you are admitted to. You do not choose your “specialty” in nursing school. Your options are up to you after graduating with your BSN and then taking the NCLEX.

Many colleges do not accept you into the nursing program as a freshman and instead require you to complete the 2 years of prereqs and then apply for nursing and it is quite competitive with many people applying for a limited number of spots.

Duke has a single digit acceptance rate to the university overall. Social life is what you make of it anywhere.

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First, if you know you want to be a nurse, you need to narrow your search to schools that offer nursing. Second, unless either money is no object or you qualify for great financial aid, you should look at cheaper options. You do not want to come out of school and be in debt. To move up in nursing, you’ll want to get a masters. So, figure that will be your next cost. Do research and find those places that offer direct to nursing entry, or at the very least, nursing. Since Yale doesn’t even offer nursing, that shouldn’t be on your list. Google top nursing programs and direct to nursing programs and research those. Look at all your state options. Nursing is a field where it doesn’t matter where you get your degree to get a job.


Based on your interests and goals, look into schools such as Calvin and Baylor (as also suggested by @2plustrio).

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Duke does not offer a major in nursing. Duke’s BSN program is for applicants who already have a BA/BS degree.

The only schools at Duke open to high school applicants are Trinity (arts & sciences) and Pratt (engineering).

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Baylor or Biola? Azusa Pacific? Union or Messiah?

Missionary nursing doesn’t pay. Community health doesn’t pay well to start. You want to be mindful of your college debt knowing that you may feel you are called to a path with lower starting salary.

If you have no financial limitations, you may have more options.

Eta: Jesuit colleges encourage service and work it into their undergraduate curriculum. This could work well with your interests in helping others. (I do work for a Jesuit school so I may be biased).

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Thank you all so much! The schools are just dreams and i have done more research, and i know which college i’m looking towards and it would probably be Asbury rather than those two prestigious schools. Obviously it would be awesome to be able to go to Duke or Yale but i don’t really see them in the cards for me. But i am still young and just widening my options.

Thanks again for your guys’ help!

Those are just my top two PRESTIGIOUS universities. Not that they are my top two colleges in general bc i know my limitations, just wanted to know more about them than what i read on their websites, and other articles about these colleges.

Thank you for your help!