which internship offer to take?!

<p>I have internship offer from the following firms and I was wondering if I can get some input on which to pick.</p>

<li>PwC, SPA</li>
<li>Deloitte, ERS</li>
<li>EY, TSRS</li>
<li>Disney (controllership)</li>

<p>I can see myself working for Disney in the long run, but they don’t extend offers for fulltime after the internship… so there’s no security in landing a fulltime job. the best hope is for the manager to push for me for a fulltime position. however, if I do one of the big 4, especially in the advisory side, can that help me get a higher position in disney in the future? but would disney not hire me if i reject their internship?!</p>

<p>Any input, thoughts, etc would be great!
For those who don’t know, big 4 do extend fulltime offers to those who do well during the internship.</p>


<p>I would go big 4. Your opportunities are might wider going that option and you can always go back to Disney later. </p>

<p>Disney will hire you if you meet the qualifications so their are no worries, especially if you are coming from a big 4 firm.</p>

<p>Thank you for the advice.</p>

<p>Does anyone know which firm is strongest for their IT audit practice?</p>

<p>ride the rollercoasters at disney wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee</p>

<p>I would go to PwC.</p>