Which is a better school!

<p>I want to do business as an undergrad then go on to law school. I applied to 12 colleges:
bc, nyu, case, rpi, gw, fordham, rutgers, northeastern, american, drexel, hofstra, and njit. </p>

<p>I was accepted into all of the colleges except for bc. I am def. not going to hofstra, drexel, njit, and case western because of personal reasons. I want to go to nyu but I was not accepted to the arts and sciences school, just the liberal arts program where i am in teh liberal arts school for two years then junior year i am automatically transferred into arts and sci. Also, NYU is REALLYY expensive and im not sure if it is worth the money. RPI is a great school but its mainly for science and research and I wanna do business. Also, RPI is in troy which is boring and it has 70 percent boys. I am really interested in doing internships so i prefer an area that offers that. GW is a great school and has an amazing location, i LOVE d.c. but gw has a lot of stuck up kids and it costs a ridiculous amount of money to go there. Fordham is a good school and they have a program where junior year i can apply to the law school. Fordham isnt an amazingggg school like nyu but its good and they would give me a lot of money but im not sure if i wanna live in the bronx. Rutgers is nearby and cheap BUT i realllllyyyy dont wanna go to rutgers because honestly, everyone goes there. its like highschool again and i really wanna go to a city area and brunswick has no internships. Northeastern is great because it offers a city area and is a good school but its also expensive and im pretty sure rutgers is a better school? ALSO, I got waitlisted at northeastern. I wont go to american because i applied just incase i didnt get into gw so that i still had the option of going to d.c, but now that i got into gw theres no point of going to american especially cuz it costs the same as gw.
HELP!! =/</p>

<p>Current list of colleges im considering:
nyu, rpi, gw, fordham, rutgers, northeastern</p>

<p>Did you get any kind of scholarship or financial aid at any of these universities? If so, you need to analyze the offers. Find out what each place includes in its estimated Cost of Attendance (COA), then add in figures for the items that aren't included that would be different (transportation, winter wardrobe, etc.) Once you have equivalent information for the COA at each of these, subtract any scholarship or grant money that you don't have to pay back. The result will be your own estimated cost for the first year. How big are the differences between the figures for the various universities? How much of that difference can your family pay for out of pocket, and how much would have to be met with some kind of student loan, money you earn from work-study or another job, or loans that your parents take out?</p>

<p>When you have a better handle on the money issue, you will be able to eliminate some of these universities on cost alone. Then you can consider the rest of them based on other factors that are important to you. If you find out that you can't afford any of these universities, make an appointment with your guidance counselor so that you can find out which affordable universities and colleges are still taking applications.</p>

<p>Wishing you all the best.</p>