Which is a good school for a STEM major? Pomona College vs University of Chicago

I’m planning to double major in Computer Science and Neuroscience / Engineering degree. I’m also planning to apply ED II to either one, so please let me know which will be a great fit for me.

Btw, I have stellar academics: 4.0 GPA (Unweighted), Strong Extracurriculars (ie. Research Internship w/ MIT+Harvard Professor, Research Internship at nearby local university professor in Computational Neuroscience & much more!) Also strong LORs & Essays (I believe :slight_smile: <3)

but no test scores :((( due to low testing opportunities as an international applicant.

U of Chicago only offers a molecular engineering degree.

Frankly neither school is particularly strong in CS/Engineering.


I love biomedical engineering and molecular engineering has a Bioengineering track. And, I have been recently exploring Pritzker School of Engineering Website and I really loved the school. So, I think I’ll definitely apply whatever the acceptance rate will be for Molecular Engineering or Neuroscience.

I would go with Pomona, at least there you can take engr/cs classes from Harvey Mudd. They’re also very different in terms of location, campus feel.

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Yes I feel the same but at Pomona College, I can’t do a off-campus major, so I can take classes in engineering but they will not count them in my major credit.

At the same time, I feel CS Classes at Harvey Mudd has a high rigour and can really prepare me for the industry & grad school.

Right you can’t do a major, but you can take Harvey Mudd courses as part of your CS major, definitely electives, maybe even core, depending on availability at HM. You do need HM though for any engineering classes.