Which is Better? - a U' and an A' or an E' and B'orC'

<p>So I am in between my a level exams and there's one to come that I am totally unfamiliar with. For a combination of reasons I didn't study the entire year. I didn't appear for mid year exams at school and failed all subjects in the mocks that followed. Plus my attendance was also below 20%. I appealed to the school and considering my past record and everything, they cancelled my privatization. So here's the thing. My exams are underway and my date sheet has been such that I have been able to study an entire week before both my physics and maths papers. Both of them went fine considering the amount of my preparation. But my chemistry that comes at 25th is something one cant finish reading in a week let alone understand and practice. I know the grade I'll get. If I study the next four five days, realistically at the most I will be able to score an E. but my dilemma is that there's another exam couple of days after that. I am worried that in trying to prevent my self from failing chemistry, I might jeopardize my chances in doing well at the exam that follows which is relatively easier and holds my interest. So what looks better on a transcript?
a U' and an A' or an E' and B'orC'</p>

<p>Do you need four A levels? Three used to be enough in the past. Could you just cancel chemistry?</p>

<p>there's noway I can cancel. the marks from the previous year are carried forward, and if I just don't attend the paper, no marks would be added from this year and the grade would fall down.
Anybody else?</p>

<p>Do you have condition offers of admission? Are there specifications of certain numbers of grades at a given level, or the overall average? If you get a U, will that be figured into the average or just not count? If you are planning to apply in the US, you will probably have a tough road either way, sorry to say. Can't tell you for sure, but I think in the US, you would be better off with a U and an A, if you can pull that off for sure. Then it might be possible to "explain away" the U, especially if the other 2 A levels are high. The thing about an E, is that people who have been in the UK understand that it is not the equivalent of an American E or F, but people who are not familiar with the system will probably consider it failing.</p>

<p>well as far as condition goes, I have one that of a 'b b c'. the fourth doesn't matter.
And frankly, it's flexible here at my school, in that, I can ask my counselor not to include that U in the transcript. I mean, no US university sets a compulsion right? I can, if I want to, not include a particular subject. But obviously it doesn't mean i can erase it from the original certificate coming from the CIE. So the stain of an A level fail stays.
Btw, I've already applied once to US.</p>

<p>If your school can and will delete the chemistry grade, I'd say: spend your time on the other A level. Among those who are familiar with the British system, most people in the US think of 3 A levels as the (high) standard, and wouldn't expect a fourth.</p>