Which is better: AP US History

<p>I am taking AP US History next year so I am going to buy 1 or 2 books for it, but I cannot choose between the Amsco, REA, and Princeton Review one. So can anyone tell me which 2 are better than the 3rd?</p>

<p>The Princeton Review and Amsco should do the job for you....I liked Amsco the best</p>

<p>I used the REA book and it was excellent. I can't imagine there being a more in depth book out there that has everything you need to know to do well on the AP test and the SAT II. Has 6 excellent practice tests as well.</p>

<p>REA is fine. I read the first half of the review two nights before the test and the second half of the review the night before the test, and that was the extent of my outside-of-class preparation. Easy 5.</p>

<p>REA all the way</p>

<p>I liked the REA book...I reviewed using it and ended up getting a 4...</p>

<p>AMSCO is the best, REA is second. PR is abridged. i say AMSCO for indepth review, then PR the night before or something to learn major themes and connections.</p>

<p>I really liked Princeton Review, but I can't compare to the others. PR was the only one I used, and I believe it's shorter and quicker than the other two, so I guess it depends upon your style. My friends and I also thoroughly enjoyed the Giant AHAP Review, last minute. You really can't go wrong with any of the three.</p>

<p>NOT Princeton Review, under ANY circumstances. Go with REA or AMSCO.</p>

<p>REA is by far the best for me. I haven't used AMSCO, though. STAY AWAY from Barron's though...That thing was useless for me. I have an outline that I found online that might help. I thought it was useful for last minute reviewing. I don't know where to upload it though, so if you want it, just email me at <a href="mailto:xXMrSpamXx@gmail.com">xXMrSpamXx@gmail.com</a> and I'd be happy to send it to you.</p>

<p>I would say AMSCO is the best and the REA, I don't know about princeton review but from the previous posts it doesn't seem too good.</p>

<p>Amsco All The Way</p>

<p>I had both the Amsco and the REA. Personally, I prefered the REA, but that was mainly due to the fact that I was looking for the most thorough review possible.</p>

<p>For European History, I was much more comfortable with the material and found Princeton Review to be the best. I think PR is good only if you are already comfortable with the subject and are just looking for some light review.</p>

<p>REA is incredible...it got me a 5, without it i prolly would've gotten like a 2</p>

<p>(plus, it's actually funny at times :))</p>

<p>princeton review is good</p>

<p>i read half of REA AP US History the night before the AP and got a 5.</p>

<p>Okay, so are these just for review, or would one be able to use them as stand alone studying guides?</p>

<p>What about Barron's?</p>

<p>Anyone ?</p>