which is better? SAT or ACT score? please help

<p>what is better?
530 SAT math or
24 ACT </p>

<p>please respond quickly because i am thinking of registering for the ACT and i need to do it by tongiht</p>

<p>ACT depending on ur math score</p>

<p>ACT math score</p>

<p>quick question:</p>

<p>when i register for the ACT, do I need to put in my school code? I know that there are 3 options, but it says that if I don't it won't go to my counselor....does this mean that I can't send it to colleges?</p>

<p>please please please help</p>

<p>A report will be mailed to the high school for which you provide a valid code. If you do not provide a valid code, no counselor's copy of your score report will be produced. Any later request to send a report to your high school must be submitted and paid for as an Additional Score Report (ASR).</p>

<p>that is what it says...</p>