Which is better SUNY Stony Brook or Albany

I am a future international undergrad student and SUNY Stony Brook and Albany are my Top 2 colleges, I’ll be pursuing Computer Science Engineering, which one would be better?

Stony Brook

And is the location of Stony Brook really not so good? As I’m reading in other comments…

It’s on Long Island, east of NYC. A little under 90 minute drive to Manhattan without traffic. Stony Brook’s location is not one of it’s selling points, but neither is Albany’s. Personally, if I had to pick between the two, I would rather spend four years at Stony Brook than four years in Albany, which is a dreary mid-sized city with terrible weather.

What are you looking for in a location? Stony Brook has its pros and cons, as does Albany.

I don’t need much with the location, but basic need stores, daily stores, malls should be nearby and convenient to reach, and the place shouldn’t be sparsely populated… so which would be better in these aspect Stony Brook or Albany? N why

Neither place is sparsely populated and both have access to plenty of stores. Stony Brook is in a suburban area and Albany is in a mid-sized city. Assuming that you don’t have a car, I’m not familiar the public or school sponsored transportation options at either school, but you could probably get info on this from the schools’ respective web sites.

Thanks much, Which one would you choose if You were in my place?

If it was me, given the intended major and assuming the finances are similar at both schools, I would go with Stony Brook.

Thanks Alot!

They are both good schools, but Stony Brook is a fantastic school for sciences. They have some majors there that are so specific it blows my mind lol.

@Tron1599 For computer science engineering, you should look at Stony Brook and SUNY U of Buffalo - both are much better than U of Albany and are also better for your major.

Thanks @AJC the thing is I’ve got admits from the three of em, keeping albany aside, Which one should I prefer, Stony Brook or Buffalo? Though I’ve paid the part academic fee of Stony Brook, but still I would want to know which is better

SB is the more difficult one to get in, better climate.
Buffalo would have better “student life”.
Personally would attend SB given the choice.

Stony Brook is better respected academically and in excellent location relative to Albany. Close to beaches and much milder winter relative to Albany.

@Tron1599 Based on my research, Stony Brook is higher ranked than U Buffalo, and it is closer to NYC for future internships. U Buffalo is a better choice than U Albany. Both Stony Brook and U Buffalo are on the top 100 schools list (U Albany ranks 152, I believe).

@AJC thanks much, It’s quite clear now in which direction should I move forward to.