Which is better?

<p>Would you rather want to attend a school let's say University of Rhode Island and graduate with a 3.5 or rather attend a more prestigious college like say NYU or Villanova and graduate with like say maybe a 2.9 gpa? At both schools you would be majoring in some sort of pre med/engineer.</p>

<p>get 3.5, duh.</p>

<p>Why do you assume that you would get a lower gpa at NYU or Villanova, and a higher gpa at URI?</p>

<p>3.5. With enough effort and extra activities it'll make up for the lack of prestige.</p>

<p>Are there any peer reviewed studies that empirically prove that going to a more expensive/higher ranking school means that you will have more money or more career opportunities in the long run? </p>

<p>I ask for peer reviewed studies because that way more researchers have validated that the study has accounted for externalities and eliminated all other possible causes of the alternative hypothesis.</p>

<p>Why would going to a better school mean a lower GPA?! I think you should go to the school that is best for you without planning what your GPA will be and do the best you can there</p>

<p>Going to a better school doesn't guarantee lower GPA, but it will be harder to maintain a good GPA at NYU than at URI. I think the bigger problem is that you're talking about (from a med school standpoint) a low-end average GPA compared to an abysmal one. In which case, the low-end average from a mediocre school is without a doubt far better than the abysmal one from a great school.</p>

Where you go is far less important than what you do there.</p>