Which is easier at UF: Physics (non-calc) or Organic Chem?

<p>Which class is the easier one (meaning better/easier teachers, easier labs, easier tests, etc.) - Physics (alg. based, 2053 and 2054) or Organic Chem at UF?</p>

<p>I'm not compeltely certain and haven't taken any of those classes but I'm almost certain non-Calc Physics would be WAY easier then Organic Chem. Organic is a hard class and only needed for certain majors.</p>

<p>I know a handful of people that took both and they think non-calc physics is easier.</p>

<p>I'll agree with everyone, non-calc physics is much easier.</p>

<p>Ive taken both these classes:</p>

<p>Trig Physics has worse teachers, fewer tests (2 midterms and a final for both 1 and 2). Lab is curved but is really easy.. at the same time though its easy to get a bad grade for stupid reasons because of that curve. Everyone has the same teachers every semester but there is also a discussion and your discussion leader can have an influence on your grade with quizzes. Lecture is curved so that 50% of the class gets at least a B. Also there are clicker questions.</p>

<p>Organic Chem has a mix of good and bad teachers, has a lot of material and concepts to memorize, has an interesting lab component. It can really depend on your teacher, for some exams are the only grade that counts while others include quizzes. Either way orgo is a tough subject.</p>

<p>When I was in physics I felt like I was in that building everyday and that it consumed my life. When I was in Orgo 2 I never went to class but studied tons at home. Organic and physics only overlapped when I took Orgo 1 and physics 2 at the same time and that semester I studied about equal for both but almost never went to class for Orgo.</p>

<p>Overall I believe Physics is easier but just because I am really good at it, it is a very conceptual subject. You can memorize organic chemistry if you had the time. Physics is something that you need to practice, understand, and manipulate to answer the questions. There are some people who will study all day and will never learn to think correctly to succeed in physics. These people will tell you physics is harder. Other people will pick up the physics train of thought very quickly and not have too much a problem with it. This isn't mutually exclusive though, some people are good at both physics and orgo and think they are both easy. I personally think organic is hard because the concepts and memorization is just high in volume. I literally study for days on end for orgo exams just to make an A or B+. For physics I will do a few practice exams the day of the exam for a couple hours and be fine, I have frequently gotten 100% on the exams. It really depends. I think good performance in Bio 1/2 predicts good Orgo grades while good performance in Chem 1/2 predicts good physics grades; just an opinion though.</p>

<p>Also, when I was in Orgo exam averages were about 68% but physics averages were frequently 55-60%</p>

<p>haha Ochem was way easier. For my major I had to take both but had to take physics with calculus. I pretty much got striaght A's in both courses but spent much more time on physics than I even did Organic chemistry. I was in an upper division O-chem for honors students as well. Regardless, physics was a lot more interesting and directly applicable than o-chem.</p>

<p>Depends on your background and interest. For me orgo was easier than physics.</p>

<p>Both easy. :)</p>