Which is easier?

Web based self-paced anthropology (ANT 301) with John Kappelman or Psychology (PSY 301) with a combo of Samuel Gosling and James Pennebaker? The psychology is online but there are 2 hour lectures on Tuesday’s and Thursdays. Which is an easier A?

The PSY 301 is only online??? I thought it was classroom based.

The heads of Psychology dept co teach a online PSY 301 every fall semester. There was an article tying the experience to research between in-classroom and online class.

Anyway before I forget the OP question, I’ve heard from upperclassmen that PSY 301 was preferred over ANT 301 in terms of “I like the professors” better. I’m not sure of the efforts of studying of ANT 301, but I spent 1-1.5 hours of studying for each 1 hour of PSY 301. I made an A.