Which is gramatically correct ?

<p>I cant see you getting into Harvard
I cant see your getting into Harvard</p>

<p>I dont want him joining the club
I dont want his joining the club</p>

<p>1st and 1st.</p>

<p>Sorry, but I completely disagree. In some cases, the way that sounds incorrect is actually correct. Here, I can't see your getting into Harvard is correct because getting is a gerund acting as a direct object. The same applies for the second one. If you want a backup resource, go here:
Possessive</a> Pronouns</p>

<p>Yes,I also think the second choices are correct.Very tricky rule.''Getting'' and ''joining'' are gerrunds acting as nouns</p>

<p>2nd and neither.</p>

<p>For the second one, the 2nd is not correct because you're literally saying "I don't desire his act of joining," not what you mean, "I don't desire that he joins." In this case you can only say "I don't want him to join the club."</p>