Which is harder: Ic or IIc

<p>Common sense would tell me that Math II is harder, but i heard many who've taken both tests say their IIc score was higher. Only one of my college choices require a Math SATii so i was wondering which one would be easier to score 700+ on (I don't want to ruin my chances at my other schools). BTW, i have taken Pre-calculus, but my techer wasn't very good.</p>

<p>It has everything to do with where your experience lies. For one thing, after having practiced a long time on IIC material, some aspects of IC material could be unfamiliar and bring down your score. The fact that IC and IIC tests are both called "math" by no means implies that they are the same test; the material covered by each is distinctly different. You might want to take some practice tests with each; that would help you decide which you are better prepared for.</p>

<p>IIc covers more material: 3D geometry, basic limits, and some other stuff, with less of an emphasis on plane geometry.</p>

<p>Ic has a much tougher curve than IIc; i.e. you pretty much need to get every question right to get an 800 on Ic.</p>

<p>Which one you should take depends on what the schools you're applying to want/require, and also your own math background, as Perplexitudinous said (that is a great username, BTW).</p>

<p>IC is a joke.. but if u understand a decent amount of the concepts for IIC.. i would take that.. the curve is much bigger..</p>

<p>well im not gonna agree with r1d3sno and say taht I c is a joke.. however he is right when says that IIC has a very generous curve..</p>

<p>it all depends of the highest math you have taken and are alright with. if youve gone through calc, take IIC because it'll be a lot easier than IC.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. I'm probably going to sign up for the IIc.</p>

<p>I don't understand why anybody would take IC, I mean you have to take the challenge instead of taking the easier test</p>

<p>You would take Ic if you're not confident enough with the extra IIc material (which is likely if you haven't taken a precalc class).</p>

<p>Well since some schools like UC's only require IIC, then it just shows most people should be in advanced math classes</p>

<p>Well I'm so bad with plane geometry and I really forgot most of it, that I think IIc is a lot easier in my opinion [on top of everything else the nice curve], but I did have a really good teacher throughout hs, so I'd have to thank him for making the test easy for me.</p>