which is it?!?!

<p>ok i'm really confused. ppl here are saying that stanford only mails admissions letters, but then i found another thread that said that they email them on dec. 15. is that true? i'd like to be prepared haha. if they don't email them, i prob have a few more days after dec. 15, right? </p>

<p>oh man...i'm gonna be terrified of my own mailbox.</p>

<p>I believe they email those living out of the country and mail letters to the rest.</p>

<p>here's the official:
as of this year, they will be sending emails to all applicants, whether international or not, on december 15th. mail decisions will also be sent out on that day, to be recieved by the applicant a few days after.</p>

<p>From where did you get that information? I'm just asking because I checked on the site and I don't see anything about decisions by email. Not that I think you're lying, either.</p>

<p>someone was given that info after s/he called them (it's on another thread). my college advisor also said that they'd be sending out emails, and she got the info from rick shaw.</p>

<p>i guess maybe they just haven't updates that info on the website from last year? this is the first year they will be emailing everyone.</p>