Which is more important (LEC) or (RCT)

<p>I previously asked about what occurs during the RCT period and it seems like it is mostly a revision (with quizzes involved if it is calculus). </p>

<p>Now in my schedule, my LEC times are great for my TEXTS & IDEAS class but not so good for the complementing RCT times (too early)...</p>

<p>What exactly occurs during the RCT time of a TEXTS & IDEAS or WORLD CULTURES class? How important is the RCT class as compared to an LEC class? (specifically for T&I and WC?)</p>

<p>there's a lot of discussion of the material as well as clarifying and asking questions. you also receive graded papers too. if they're optional, try to go enough that the TA knows who you are (since they're doing the grading). however some REQUIRE attendance (with them subtracting from your grade if you don't show up) so you have to go. my impression is that if you want to be a top student, go to all your classes. if you're ok with just being eh (Bs), then sleep in and don't go to recs.</p>

<p>Oh so the RCT for T&I and WC are usually just chill classes where you go over stuff and get graded papers back, am i right?</p>

<p>Hence overall, RCT is not THAT important of a class for T&I and WC?</p>

<p>Dude. Some classes require you to go to RCT, take attendance, and then mark you down every time you don't show up. So I don't understand how one is less important than the other, considering they're both "class time". So yes, it is a pretty chill session, but you still have to go. They're both part of ONE CLASS.</p>