Which is more important? PS or Why School?

Hi, there! I’m a transfer student working on my essays. I have pretty high workload currently so I can’t really put all my effort to all prompts. For UM “why school” has word limit up to 2750 chars and PS 3250, so should I devote more to the latter one?

You should devote equal time to both. But you need to convince Michigan that there is a reason you need to be there as opposed to, say, Michigan State. Spend time researching, make notes of what is compelling, and don’t them doubt that you have legitimate reasons for wanting to be there.

I agree both are important, hopefully you have some time off this week to devote your full attention to these essays. I also recommend you do a virtual transfer admissions session at UMichigan if you haven’t already done that. Good luck.


Thank you!