Which is More Preferable?

<p>Hey CC!</p>

<p>So I was invited to work on an app, and there are 4 teams. They are Architecture, Development, Design, and Testing. I was wondering (I'm already on a team, so this won't affect my choice), could you rank them in order of which is best to be on? I want to see what people think of the team I'm on, and I'll say which one after a few replies.</p>

<p>Thanks for your time and opinion!</p>

<p>P.S. Say my name out loud for a laugh.</p>

<p>Bumped back to top.</p>

<p>Bumped back to top...again.</p>

<p>Bumped back to top...again.</p>

<p>Can someone please answer?</p>

<p>Hardest to easiest:</p>


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<p>Thanks, finally!</p>

<p>What does the design team do exactly? I know what everything else does.</p>