Which is most difficult? Getting waitlisted at MIT or getting admission into Duke?

<p>According to 2011 profiles, Duke takes 19.7% of RD applicants while MIT doesn't reject (meaning either waitlists or accepts) 14.4% of RD applicants.</p>

<p>Does being waitlisted at MIT show that I have a good shot at Duke?</p>

<p>But taking into consideration that MIT's application was different (and I felt it portrayed me as a stronger student than Duke's because I'm science oriented), I'm getting a bit nervous. Duke's my second choice school.</p>

Duke</a> University Admissions: Class of 2011 Profile
MIT</a> Admissions: Admissions Statistics</p>

<p>Bumping for some input so my nerves will calm.</p>

<p>Acceptance rates mean nothing, as they're largely dependent on who's applying (how self-selective the applicant pool is). Being waitlisted at MIT means that MIT will admit you if they have extra room. It doesn't necessarily mean that you will be accepted to Duke. Not to mention the two have very different admissions standards, so even being accepted at one doesn't necessarily mean you will be accepted at the other (so you can see how much waitlisting tells us).</p>