Which is right for me: CALS or CAS?

<p>I'm having trouble deciding which one to apply to. I'm from NY, so CALS would be cheaper, and it would be easier to get into than CAS. However, I'm planning on majoring in something along the lines of Biochemistry (and going onto medical school) and I have heard that CAS is better in terms of this. A little web browsing tells me that the closest to Biochemistry is the "Chemistry and Chemical Biology" major at CAS and the "Biological Sciences" major at CALS. Can someone explain which would be better for me?</p>

<p>You have a better chance at CAS</p>

<p>i would aim there as first choice and second choice cals</p>

<p>since you are a NYS resident, sit down with your parents and go over your/their financial sitution and then decide - it is hard for NYS residents to give up in-state tuition for what will be the same field of study.</p>

<p>Biological Sciences is a major in both CAS and CALS…the requirements for the major itself are exactly the same, so the only difference is all the other requirements for each college (like language, writing, etc.). Here are the requirements for that major: [Cornell</a> Biology :: Core Requirements](<a href=“http://biology.cornell.edu/academics/requirementsmajor.html]Cornell”>http://biology.cornell.edu/academics/requirementsmajor.html)
In the biological sciences major you’re required to choose a program of study. One of the programs of study available is biochemistry. You can check that out here: [Cornell</a> Biology :: Biochemistry](<a href=“http://biology.cornell.edu/academics/biochemistry.html]Cornell”>http://biology.cornell.edu/academics/biochemistry.html)
Personally I think that a bio major with a biochemistry program of study in CALS would be a very good prep for medical school, and also quite affordable. However, you need to think about whether you would possibly want to double major, minor, etc. when you consider which school to apply to primary.</p>



<p>How so?</p>



<p>Well, now that you bring that up, I was interested in double majoring or minoring. Can you explain Cornell’s policy on this? I’m not allowed to double major between colleges right?</p>

<p>Good job on making the right decision sd6,
though getting in shouldn’t be that bad of an issue for you (based on your previous posts). I’d suggest actually calling up the admission office to ask them about the particular majors or further going through their website and just applying to the school with your desired major.</p>


At worst, you can just transfer into another school (which lots of people do anyway, and it won’t look like you took some weird easier route in with CAS). With the profile of your caliber, they’d probably give you a decent financial aid package, as they do with everyone else who needs it.</p>

<p>you can only double major within your own school. most minors can be taken from any school, but AEM minors for example are mostly only open to CALS students.</p>

<p>@ faustarp, AEM minor is also open to engineering students.</p>

<p>indeed they are. I wasn’t sure whether to bother writing that since the OP is clearly not interested in engineering, so I said “mostly only open” but … now we have the complete info so it’s all good! :)</p>