Which is the best college among TU Delft , ISAE Toulouse ; Cranefield university ??

<p>I have got admission into Msc in aeronautics and space system in ISAE Toulouse and Msc in aerospace engineering (control & operations as specialization) and autonomous vehicle design at cranefield university...i have also applied to EPFL Switzerland, TEXAS A&M , University of Maryland for masters in aerospace engg...and result ia awaited from them..</p>

<p>Can anyone please suggest me which is the best college to go for..???* n wat should be the order fr preference acadmics n jobwise??
Also, i havent recieved any scholorship so far and TU Delft is expensive than ISAE n Cranefield ( 1 year prog)..??</p>

<p>There are a number of factors to consider, 1.) courses available, 2.) engineering firms in the country of university, 3.) Recognition of university.</p>

<p>What you’ve got listed is really hard to choose from, Although Cranefield is a great university you might have better luck with ISAE for a job since I believe that there is greater aero manufacturing in France. And in my experience employers usually take preference over grads who are local. Although then again Cranefield is a really really good university. Personally for europe id put Cranefield and ISAE on top.</p>

<p>Now Im doing my grad in the states but I’m actually probably going to apply to europe for work. The biggest issue here is security clearance which is atrocious and prevents even canadians from working in aero. Unless your US citizen you might want to think about this issue very strongly. Ive heard of Indian students being lured over here then finding out that they wont even be cleared for work. Us Aussies n brits get a slight advantage since visa’s need not be sponsored but its still dicey.</p>

<p>But the thing with the states is you could take an American degree back into europe easy, taking a European degree to the states is harder no offense. Texas A&M has an extremely good program and so does maryland but costs !!. So so many factors…</p>

<p>congrats for getting in…If u dont mind I would like to know how difficult is it to get in. What were your marks and qualifications… Please reply it would help me a lot.

<p>I need guidance regarding the reliability of masters at ISAE. </p>

<p>How are the job opportunities in aeronautical sector after a masters from ISAE for an INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE. Also is it a good option compared to other schools in US.
Also how are the expenses related to living in Toulouse. </p>

<p>I do not have any contact in France, hence i would be very grateful if anybody could comment on my queries </p>

<p>I have 81% in BE from Anna university of Chennai and 1 year research experience at IIT Bombay as research associate. How good are my chances in getting admitted at ISAE? </p>


I dont find it as a good school. Just theory and a lot of difficulties to find a job after. (even it is difficult to find internships)… lots of homework as a kid… no practical at lessons…

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