Which is the best SAT 2?

<p>I already took Bio freshmen year, got a 700. I expected it because I didn't prepare for it with a prep book or practice tests. </p>

<p>I'm definitely doing Math level 1 and English lit</p>

<p>I'm thinking about Chem and Frech...tough tests? Does the writing from SAT1 count as an SAT2?</p>

<p>i'd do math level 2 over math level 1. take us history during the summer after the ap us history exam. i'd talk to your teacher before taking chem or physics to see how prepared you'll be for the exams. at my school physics and chemistry are heavily centered around math and doing problems whereas the the subject tests are pretty general and don't have a lot problems.</p>

<p>"Does the Writing from SAT 1 count for SAT 2." No, not if the college requires Subject Tests.</p>

<p>The Language tests are difficult for non-native speakers. Unless you are currently taking AP French, obtaining a 700+ would be hard.</p>

<p>If you have completed Pre-calc and feel strong in math, try Math 2 which has a better "curve." btw: the UCs will not accept Math 1 (if they are on your radar screen), and nearly all engineering programs require Math 2.</p>

<p>Yeah, Spanish was my first language and I flew through the Spanish II thinking I got an 800...got a 740. Not bad, but definitely unexpected. I recently took the Spanish II w/Listening and felt the same way...got a 770. Pretty good, but I honestly can't think of one question I didn't feel 100% sure on.</p>

<p>Just wondering, how do colleges feel about someone taking a language test with that language as their first language? I mean I can't imagine there being an English SAT 2 for people speaking English as a first language.</p>

<p>Figure out which subjects you are good with and take that one. Are you good at math? Are you good at chem/phys (Those 2 are completely different from bio btw bio=memorize chem/phys=less memorization,more equations)? Are you good at English/Writing? Are you good at history? Etc....
Note that if you want to major in Engineering or a math related field, most colleges will want to see Math2c and preferably a chemistry/physics as well.</p>

<p>Personally, I'm a math/science guy so I took Math2c, Chem, Phys. </p>

<p>To answer your questions more directly, there is no "best" SAT 2 test but I guess Math2c and Chinese are very easy since there is a huge curve. English Lit is a pretty hard test unless you are really good at writing. French is very hard unless you have a knack for the language. Chemistry is not difficult if you are good at chemistry....To sum it up, the easiest tests will be the subjects you are actually good at. Hope that helps.</p>

<p>Some colleges (I remember one of the HYPs) clearly state that you should not take SAT subject in your native language. They ask about languages you speak in a separate section, where you can include your native language. They expect that you learn at least one foreign language. For many other colleges taking an SAT in your native language instead of a test on something you learned at school is viewed as a self-proof of inferior intellectual ability. I would suggest taking enough SAT subjects so that this test does not count regardless of the score.</p>

<p>Quoting "I mean I can't imagine there being an English SAT 2 for people speaking English as a first language."
Well, there is literature.</p>

<p>I would suggest you take the math lvl 2. Not many more things on there.
Language tests with listening are only once a year, so, if you do speak 2 foreign languages, then I'd suggest you plan for the testing dates now to take the 2. I didnt plan and only 1 when I wanted to take two. Oh well.</p>