Which is the Easiest Stats Class?

Ok, I know there’s another thread on here about stats classes at Cornell but they seemed to have little information on some of the other possible classes besides PAM, ILRST, and AEM.

I’m trying to affiliate with my major within the next semester and to do that I need to finish my stats requirement this fall because they won’t take AP credit as a substitute. PAM is out of the question because it’s spring only, ILRST conflicts with another required class I have to take, and AEM is on a waitlist right now.

Therefore, what are your thoughts on classes such as MATH 1710 and PSYCH 3500 and any of the other lesser known ones? Also, just how much work is ENGRD 2700 and the average means for all of these classes?

I have reason to suspect that ILR stats is relatively easy. Whether or not it is actually the easiest.

I took PSYCH 3500 and didn’t find it too hard! That class has the option to take it for 3 credits or 4, with the 4 credit option requiring you to learn the stats program R. I just did the 3-credit option; I’m not generally a math person but basically if you pay attention and do the work you’ll do fine. It’s focused mainly on the social sciences, so I found it helpful later on in my policy courses that referenced stats work.