Which job/employment to choose? (potentially)

Hello. I am in the 11th grade and am looking to get a job sometime soon (hopefully March). I am considering becoming either a tutor (most likely STEM) or taking a job at a restaurant (fast food). Is there some rule of thumb or consensus as to what kind of job I should choose?

For context, I plan to double major in Applied Mathematics/Statistics and Neuroscience.

Nope. Do what you want to do but the tutoring will most likely make you more money if you have consistent jobs.

Colleges do like kids that help others out so tutoring looks good. But colleges also like kids that work at jobs…


Only work if you don’t want to study. If you want to be something, full time school (no questions asked). If you want to flip burgers all your life, be my guest. No one in their right mind wants to do that. ■■■■■ as a choice

Become a tutor at Mathnasium or one of the tutoring centers. Steady work and a job for your resume.

Not to offend you or anything but are you being sarcastic?

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No, have ur parents pay for college. Use grants anything. U will be better off. Also apply for food stamps. Whateer u have to do.

I’m sorry but you have to be trolling right? Not everyone is fortunate enough to have parents that can help pay for their tuition. If you really think that focusing on school 24/7 is the right path in order to not only have a successful future but be a well rounded individual then you are clearly on the wrong path.

Based on all of your past post history and your response is that you have never ever worked a single service industry job in your life. Reality is going to hit you in the face really hard and fast bud.

Just to let you know. School isnt everything. It does not guaranteed a successful path in life. It does help, but not guaranteed. Networking and connection does.

Kinda sad to see someone like you with that type of mentality wanting to go to CSULB.

I honestly wish the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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Not even gonna reply to your post kid. If you think working in the service industry proves your worth anything; it doesn’t. It helps pay the bills. The only true meaning is knowledge. I could care less for your situation. No one cares dude, get real. Learn to be more mature by asking me questions; not attacking me. Shows you’ve studied very little about any sort of world or American history.

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