Which junior schedule should I go with?


<p>AP Lang
AP Bio
AP Chem
Honors history
Honors Trig/pre calc
Honors French
One Elective</p>


<p>AP Bio
AP Chem
Honors History
Honors English
Honors Physics
Honors trig/pre calc
Honors French</p>

<p>This is due in a few days and I'm freaking out!! Help!</p>

<p>Option A because I would never wish three sciences on even my worst enemy.</p>

<p>Well, if you're strong in science I'd go with the 2nd option. I'm not sure about your weaknesses, but AP Lang is pretty easy. I'm a junior taking it right now. I have a 95. I pretty much never read and do any of the daily work, rather I do very well on my essays. My teacher counts essays and stuff as formative (80% of overall grade). She's a very strict grader and she's also an SAT administrator and essay scorer. I'd advise it of you're good at writing essays.</p>

<p>I personally think you should take physics...</p>

<p>Im planning on taking summer physics and take AP Physics C in senior year if I go with option 2. I am pretty strong in science because it is my favorite subject and I plan to go into engineering in college.</p>

<p>Yeah. Then definitely go with ap physics. I'm planning to go into medicine, but unfortunately my school is trash, and we only have like 5 AP classes available. Possibility of AP Bio next year(possibility of being canceled if at least 13 people don't sign up because my school takes sports and support classes over true academic classes). I'm a junior as well. Not sure which classes I should take next year.</p>

<p>?? I'm a sophomore lol. This is for my junior schedule.</p>

<p>I think you should do Option 1, and then take AP Phys senior year. I know so many kids who have taken all three sciences in one year and they practically committed academic suicide... they dropped courses/regretted it (space your courses out; you want the highest marks possible...will you get A's when you take them all at once? or will if be easier to attain when you have 2 instead of 3?). Junior Year is a big year because not only are you trying to get the highest grades you can get, but also you have to prepare for SATs, look for colleges...</p>